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Treatment for teeth that move

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Dental mobility (tooth mobility) represents the non-physiological horizontal movement of the teeth and in severe cases the vertical movement. Usually teeth have a very small degree of mobility that allows them to adapt to the forces that arise during mastication. When this is greater than 1mm is called dental mobility. In the absence of adequate treatment, dental mobility will increase and in time will lead to loss of teeth.

Dental Mobility Causes

Teeth are held in place in the bone by a specific support tissue called the periodontal tissue, which is composed of the alveolar bone, the periodontal ligaments and the root cement. The damaging of these components, and especially the destruction (resorption) of the bone, causes dental mobility over time.

The lesion of the periodontal tissues and the emergence of bone resorption is caused by the accumulation of dental plaque on tooth surfaces both above (supragingival) and beneath (subgingival) the gums. In addition, there is a series of factors that contribute to periodontal diseases, like tartar, bite (occlusal) dysfunction, inadequate fixed and removable prosthetics, excessive fillings, dental caries near the gums, smoking, etc.

Tooth Mobility Treatment

In order to treat the tooth that moves we have to eliminate the cause and then to stimulate the regeneration of the affected periodontal tissue. It is also required that the patient mantain a good oral hygene during and after the treatment.

In addition to the classical techniques, in our clinic we use a series of state of the art methods of treatment like T Scan System for digital management of occlusion and Electronic Doctor technique for periodontal tissue regeneration.

» Bite (occlusal) dysfunction treatment

According to modern dentistry, dental occlusion represents the relation between the upper and lower teeth when they are in functional contact, like during mastication. The way in which the horizontal (occlusal) surfaces of the teeth come in contact influences the health of the teeth, the periodontal tissues, the muscles of mastication, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). When pathological dental contacts are present, all these structures are affected leading to many complications, like dental mobility, bleeding gums, gum recession, etc.

Usually, the imperfect dental contacts are identified by the medic by using the "articulating paper". However, this method can show only those contacts that appear while the teeth are in resting position not in dynamic functional movement.

The T Scan System for digital management of occlusion uses state of the art technology that allows the electronic detection of the pathological dental contacts both in resting and functional movement. In addition, it shows the forces that arise during the bite on every single tooth, forces that can't be identified by the "articulation paper". Studies demonstrated that the efficiency of the T Scan measurements is over 90%.

After the pathological dental contacts are identified they are easily removed through selective grinding and polishing.

» Electronic Doctor - periodontal tissue regeneration

This new and unique method of treatment helps treat periodontal and gum diseases, but can also be used in preventing those illnesses. It stimulates an infinite reservoir of regeneration, the body's own cells. They are attracted to the damaged area through a physical mechanism that does not require the contact of foreign substances with the gum tissue. A digital device that generates controlled electromagnetic waves (Electronic Doctor) is placed near the affected teeth, triggering a regenerative response in that particular area. The technique has 4 main advantages:

  • there is no risk of adverse effects
  • no surgery required
  • no pain - the patient can watch TV or use the internet in our clinic while this treatment is performed
  • it uses the body’s own regeneration cells that are practically infinite in number and don’t cost anything