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    We treat patients from all over the world and all our locations are ready to solve your dental problems using the latest technology.

    High-End Technology:

    • Digital Management of Occlusion
    • Electromagnetic Tissue Regeneration
    • Minimally Invasive Techniques for the Treatment of Periodontitis, Gum Recession, Gingivitis or Bruxism

Patient Oriented - Care, Skills, Technology

Patent Care


In our clinics, the patient is at the center of our universe! Our doctors are committed to give the best care to the people who come looking for solutions to their dental problems.


Our team of professionals doctors, highly skilled and highly trained doctors, is involved in both patients' treatments and scientific research, so that you'd find the correct way to restore your teeth.

Digital Treatment for Periodontitis


The technology used in our clinics makes noninvasive curative strategies available to all the people who come to us for solving their dental conditions.

Clinica Cases


We have seen amazing results in patients who came to our clinic as a last resort, with severe tooth mobility and gingival recession. Take a closer look at our clinical cases!

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Periodontal Diseases that can be treated using Electronic Doctor

Tooth Mobility

Gums are the soft tissue that surround and sustain the teeth. Healthy gums are firmly attached to the teeth...

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Periodontitis is a disease of the gum and periodontal tissues that manifests itself through gum inflammation and ...

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Gingival Recession

This new and unique method of treatment helps treat gum recession, but can also be ...